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Sky Service 


24/7 AOG

We offer complete and customer-tailored daily aircraft supervision services. They can include a non-stop AOG support, on-site liaison, and transportation services.

Our AOG line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In AOG situations, when spare parts are concerned, we offer several options for many types of aircraft, including

  • outright sale of spares and components

  • spare part exchange

  • flat rate exchange

  • lease agreements

  • engineering services

In any AOG situation, our engineering team will provide customers with the required additional documentation. This is part of our strategy to become the top-of-the-mind contact for all aircraft operators when they need quick and effective solution.

      Aircraft Spares 


 We can provide you with WingsFlapsAileronsElevatorsAirbrakesFlap ActuatorsAilerons ActuatorsAirbrake ActuatorsTail Plane ActuatorsHydraulic PumpsWindscreens (Windshields)Cabin WindowsWheelsBrakesLanding GearLanding Gear ComponentsInletsCowlingsThrust ReversersAfterbodies

      Technical Support 

Ransad has refined its logistical procedures for all kinds of aviation goods. Our broad experience in export/import expedites your spares through customs, and other governmental agencies. There is no substitute for experience and we know the unique requirements of supporting you.

      Ground Service Equiptment 

we offer a wide range of new, used and refurbished ground support equipment (GSE) for the aviation sector 

The company's extensive range of used GSE adheres to stringent quality standards, with vital information for every piece of equipment displayed clearly on each online listing

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